Club Teams

Club Teams

Lake River is an 11-mile-long channel on the Washington side of the Columbia River running parallel to the Columbia. Lake River originates at Vancouver Lake to the south at Columbia River Mile (RM) 98, and then merges with the Columbia at the northern tip of Bachelor Island at RM 88. Sections of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge border the entire length of Lake River and the community of Ridgefield lies along the ridge to the east. Lake River flows past Campbell LakePost Office LakeGreen Lake, and Shillapoo Lake. It is named after its source, Vancouver Lake.

This course is the same venue where the Pacific Dragon Boating Association (PDBA) held its qualifying race for the International Dragon Boating Federation’s 2020 Club Crew World Championships.

(The Columbia River: A Photographic Journey, Sept. 2018)

Required Waivers

Click link below for the Rule & Regulations document.

Mixed Crew Requirements

There is a minimum of 5 women in each 10-paddler boat, with no maximum number of women required.

Race Bracketing and Schedule

Tentative race bracketing and schedules will be e-mailed to the team captains about 5 days before the event. This is subject to change with the addition of late registering teams. The OFFICIAL copy will be distributed on the morning of the races.

Registration Fees

10-paddler Women’s/Mixed team: $400

NEW FOR 2024 – BCS & ACS Divison teams will pay $400 to race in Women’s or Mixed Divisions. Paid teams are then eligible to race in a one heat race (based on sufficient BCS & ACS registrations) without additional race fees.

Because this is a charity event registration fees are nonrefundable. We appreciate your cooperation and consideration.

Race Details

Women’s and Mixed teams are guaranteed three heats.

BCS and ACS races will consist of a special one-heat tournament.

Please avoid cross-rostering amongst Women’s and Mixed crews to minimize race start delays.

Arrival & Tent Space

Be in your tent area by 7:00am to check-in, set-up and warm up.

Tent spaces will be assigned to each team. Tent sizes 10 X 12 are acceptable for each racing crew. Bring your own chairs and table for your tent.

Got a Question?

For any questions or concerns regarding the event, or volunteering, please click the contact link below. An email will be sent to with your question(s).